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Silver Wings

Wish upon a star


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Hello *waves* this is my L33T LJ!! hmmm...alittle about myself....I love hanging with my friends, they pwn all! No but really im a normal everyday girl, i get normal grades in school im not super smart and im not stupid, im me! Im now in my senior year of High School and it is crazy how fast it went by, class of 2007 WOOT! I want ot do alot more things this year it being my last year and all and i plan to make the most of it, so wish me luck!
hmm... lets see, My friends call me Caffy Panda! (the panda thing is a long story so yeah)
I love to sing and I love art! I have a Really cool Art teacher and when i leave school I am going ot miss her!
I really donno what elce to put i could keep going on and on but i think i will stop here!
Later~ &hearts ~

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I love cosplaying! It is something that i have been doing for almost 3 years now! Its exciting to be able to make something and have fun doing It, My friends and I all cosplay and we have started to create skits to preform at the conventions that we go to! Its alot of fun, its funny that kids at my school think of me as weird for making cosplays and going ot cons but its better than going and getting drunk and doing drugs!

Full Metal Alchemist is Love

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