Day before Thanksgiving

I'm 10 weeks and still getting sick. Chuck went back to his moms but his boss fired him for moving.. oh well but I go to the doc on the 30thway
so hope they tell me something and not just take more blood :(

really wtf

So my boyfriend is living with his bosses family this includes their 15 year old sexually active daughter who has taken it upon herself to tell him she wants to have sex with him and has cone in his room at night and changed infront of him.. she
Walks in on him changing and he is scared ti hurt her feelings by telling her to stop... well I have had enough either he tells her or I will and I won't be fucking nice about it.. that or I will raze this baby alone and he can go to jail for messing with the bitch..
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Im here

Well my eggo is prego lol and I'm excited to say I'm getting married here soon. A lot has happened. I'm back in Ohio and would love to hear from everyone. I deleted fb and don't use my twitter.. too confusing.
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So I have been in South Dakota for almost 2 months now. The weather has been good so far and i am happy.. i don't want it to get -30 out..
Thanksgiving was crazy i woke up and made a sweet potato casserole and left it on the stove for Jaykes mom to take with her to Sioux Falls for the second dinner i would be going to. Jayke and i left to go to his aunts house ,on the other side of town, and had a great time there the food was amazing and his dads side of the family is really cool! After a few hours we had to leave for Sioux Falls to g to his moms side of the families dinner. When we got there i was excited about getting to eat the food i made and Jaykes mom comes up to us and is like " did you not bring the Sweet potato Casserole?" I got so mad, she flat out told me before we left that she would bring it not to worry.. UGH! It was am hour drive to get there from Brookings there was no way we could drive back get it then head back to Sioux Falls.. but it was ok there was a lot of food there and that just means that i get to eat it all!! In other news I got a job working for a place called Boss's Chicken and pizza! I don't know much about it sept well they have pizza and chicken. I should be starting work thursday. Training is tuesday and wednesday.

Dragged Jayke to go see New Moon the 20th and he hated it lol the acting was annoying at times.. the girl playing Bella... she can not act for shit and it would not bug me at all if they got someone different. That or she needs to go take acting classes!

I need a new book series to get into like i did with Twilight. I am not a big reader but Twilight i loved.. any ideas would be loved!!

I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving and is all fat and happy! Hope to hear from you guys it has been some time and it would be kinda nice to know that you guys didn't forget about me >.<
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half hearted

"You know what's really sad? I'll spend the rest of my life trying to forget you. And, you'll spend the rest of yours, Never thinking about me again."

well 1 week till I move to South Dakota..  but .. i really dont feel like anyone sept a few people really care that I am leaving..
When i go.. there is no coming back for a long time.. and.. still.. the phone never rings..

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4am and update

So again lol it has been a long time.. i forgot i had this.. but i just wanted to post something that i wrote a little bit ago.. for if i leave it on just paper it will get lost in the move..

4 A.M

I lay awake unable to sleep, yet another night i look to the moon.
Oh how she shines! Her sweet song humming in my ears, but yet i still cant sleep
Hours pass and only one thing on my mind. You! So i look up at her to guide me,
hoping her beautiful song would fall on my uneasy heart. For you are not well,
and i can not be by your side as i should be. So i look up to her and sing.. sing to the beautiful moon,
asking her to watch over you for her to sing her sweet song upon you and keep you safe,
to calm your pain and put you into a soft slumber. For until i can be by your side i will sing with the moon.
And pray that our song reaches you!

it sucks and i know.. i am not a good writer but it was late i couldnt sleep and i was worried about him.. i didnt know what else to do.. haha sooo  i dont know if any of you guys can ever see or read this... i think you all took me off your friends lists hahahahhaha

Ohh and my boyfriend Jayke is flying in on the 9th of next month and we are driving back to South Dakota.. YAY!!!! I can't wait!!
I am moving in with him and his mom until i can get my own place there and stuff! So, I may or may not be coming back for spring brake but we will have to see!
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OOPS did my sarcasm hurt

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